Some of the Liskeard Poets
at the Port Eliot Festival

‘The Liskeard Poets always offer and amazing range of voices
and viewpoints on the world’

The Liskeard Poetry Group was founded about three decades ago by the poet Ann Gray, who was also the chairman of the group for many years. The group still has a small core of those early members, but many more have joined since then. Though it has met in many venues over time it has now settled into Stuart House – an Arts venue in an historic building on Barras Street in the middle of Liskeard, Cornwall.

The main function of the group is to provide a safe place where work can be shared and heard with constructive criticism being offered, only with the aim of supporting the development of the author’s style, voice and quality of work.

A testament to the way it works is that each poet’s voice is very distinctive within the group, even after many years of workshopping poems together.

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